Does Art of Counseling offer internship opportunities?                                                               Yes! Every August we invite marriage and family, and art therapy students to learn and practice under a supervisor. We ask for a minimum commitment of a year at 20 hours a week. The deadline for applying is February 1st of the year the student would like to begin. Interviews and selections will be made mid February.  Please apply by contacting our front office or emailing your resume and cover letter here.

Does Art of Counseling accept insurance?
Yes. Art of Counseling is in network with the following insurance providers: Blue Cross Blue Shield (Blue Plus), Ucare, Hennepin Health Plan, Medica, Medicaid of MN (MA) and United Healthcare.

What is art therapy?
Art as a form of therapeutic intervention, heals the wounded, gives language to the nonverbal, eases the pain of illness, and reforms the offender. The creative process opens up the unconscious mind, cleansing emotional pain while giving a common universal language.  Art therapy is more than creating artwork but finding new creative ways to enhance and live your life.

Who can benefit from art therapy?
Art is a form of communication that has no age, no gender, no race and no boundaries, and may achieve beneficial results from the therapeutic nature of making creative expression.   

Do I need any experience with art? What if I’m not very good at drawing?
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. The focus of art therapy is not on the quality or artistic merit of the work you create, but rather on being able to freely express what you’re feeling or experiencing using the art materials.

 Does the therapist interpret my art?
Your art is an expression of your personal thoughts and feelings therefore it is not interpreted. Guided by the therapist’s expertise and experience, together you can figure out exactly what the image means to you. The therapist may also point out themes and patterns that emerge through your art. However it may not be just the finished product that has therapeutic value, but also the process of making the art as well.

What if I don’t want to make art?
That’s absolutely fine. The therapy sessions are geared toward your comfort level so you can make as little or as much art as you like. There are other creative ways to work with our therapists, like: creative writing, movement, ecotherapy, cinematherapy, traditional talk therapy and finding other creative avenues in one’s life that are present and forgotten.

 How do I know if art therapy is right for me?
Only you can decide if art therapy is right for you. If you feel you would like counseling but not art therapy, those services can be provided.

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