Marlissa Karpeh

Marlissa Karpeh, BFA

Arts-based Mental Health Practitioner, Art Therapy Intern

Marlissa is an artist and art therapist bringing love and empathy through imagination to help clients express themselves verbally and nonverbally. Marlissa uses person-centered therapy to strengthen clients’ insights, coping skills, beliefs, and sense of belonging.  

She believes we are all seeds with seasons of growth and harvest. One season may bring us joy, contentment, and satisfaction. The other seasons may bring discomfort, uncertainty, and depression. How we decide to show up for ourselves in each season matters. 

Marlissa’s approach encourages her clients to nurture each season by developing an unconditional love for themselves, finding a tribe of supporters, and a healthy belief system. Marlissa uses a combination of visual arts, metaphor meditation, and talk therapy to assist clients in treatment. She welcomes adults, adolescents, and children from all walks of life with love and acceptance, 

Currently, she practices at Art of Counseling as an Art therapist intern. In addition, she is completing her Art therapy Master’s at Adler Graduate school. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Human Relations at St. Cloud state university.

Currently, Marlissa’s practice specializes in the following areas:

  • Women’s Mental Health: anxiety, depression, trauma, relational challenges
  • POC identity issues, trauma, finding a sense of belonging 
  • Community/ Corporate well-being workshops 
  • Childhood anxiety & depression for adults 
  • Children and adolescents
  • Trauma-informed care

“Freedom of our mental health is our ability to live a colorful, bendable, expressive life that nurtures the fruitiness of our soul’s strivings. – Marlissa Karpeh

Marlissa is under the supervision of Heather Matson, LMFT, ATR-BC, ATCS, and Merica Overcash-Them, LMFT.