Natalee Stockdale

Natalee Bigger Stockdale, MA.

Arts based Mental Health Practitioner, Neurofeedback Practitioner.

Natalee Stockdale got her undergraduate degree in Studio Art and Business from the University of Northwestern. After about seven years in the field of production ceramics she made the decision to head in a different direction that involved helping others, Art Therapy. As she ventured into this she lucky fell into the vein of Individual Psychology. Individual Psychology was created by Alfred Adler and emphasizes the ideas of human nature’s deepest needs of belonging and contribution. This is where Natalee found the perfect merge of art materials and psychology, Adlerian Art Therapy. Natalee emphasizes exploring internal landscapes of her clients as well as how this inner world is impacted and influences others through various boundaries. Natalee believes in giving individuals the space to explore their own soul’s voice through imagery. Through this process individuals she works with are able to define their inner world so they are able to show up to their outer world fully themselves.

Natalee will have a dual master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy from Adler Graduate School on December 18, 2020. She is trained in Tele-therapy, Managing and Adapting Practice, Trauma Focused Behavioral Therapy. After graduation she will be working towards licensure as an LPC, ATR-P, and BCIA certified Neurofeedback provider. Natalee’s most recent experiences involves group art therapy and tele mental health with individuals and groups.