Adaptive Internal Relational Network (trauma informed) Skills Group

This is a 15 week, 1.5 hour, in-person therapy skills and psycho-education group.  Together we will explore how trauma impacts the brain, and our perceptions, emotions, thoughts and responses to everyday events. We will also explore skills to help better manage mental health symptoms and trauma responses, improves one’s sense of freedom and choice, reduce misplaced guilt and shame, improve relationships with self and others, and increase the quality of life through self-compassion and the strengthening os skills for facing life challenges.

Mental health practitioners are AIR Network trained or Certified, and Art Therapists. Learn more about the trauma-informed approach through AIR Network and Art Therapy. Learn more about our DBT Program and how is works.

What you will get out of this group:

  • Increase social connection
  • Creatively explore skills through art directives
  • Gain an understanding of how trauma affects the brain
  • Strengthen the relationship with yourself from within
  • Learn skills for mindfulness, managing emotions, improving relational connections, noticing within and future resilience
  • Experience an integrated blend of AIR Network, Art Therapy and DBT skills.

Group offered 3 times per year.

Contact us to register or get on our wait list.