About Us


HeatherCameraHeather Matson, MA, LMFT, ATR-BC.  Owner, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Art Therapist and ATR Supervisor, and EMDR Trained.

Heather brings gentle guidance, adds spontaneous humor, and encourages looking beyond the obvious while creatively fostering positive changes for today and the future. Heather specializes in providing Arts-based Therapy in a variety of art modalities to people of all ages and stages of life.



Kristin Kane MA, LMFT, ATR.  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Art Therapist

Kristin’s approach as a therapist is to encourage the process of self-realization through guidance towards self-awareness and self-love. Kristin offers a holistic approach that is collaborative, hopeful and gentle.



profilearttile Hannah Kleese MA.  Arts-based Psychotherapist

Hannah brings warmth and compassion to a therapeutic process that promotes a cooperative journey between client and therapist. Hannah believes that clients have the capacity to be the master of their own experience


Cindy Tsay MEd, ATR. Arts-Based Psychotherapist

Cindy brings a genuine and empathetic relationship into her work with clients. Her arts-based approach to psychotherapy is based on the belief that creative non-verbal expressions can provide emotional relief and self-awareness into relationships. Cindy believes that underneath our relationships, behaviors, and feelings, we yearn for a desire to be heard and understood. In therapy, she provides her clients a safe environment to express, to learn, and to grow in our ability to build authentic relationships with ourselves and with others.

Collaborating Therapists

photo Connie Gretsch, M. Ed., MA, SLBP:ED. Consultant for Art Education and Social Action, Arts-based Psychotherapist, Certified Parent Coach.

Connie works with intermodal layers and intuitive process when creating her multimedia pieces. Waiting for the true image to appear is the work of uses her creative sharp eyes. She focuses on the layers of her clients’ stories and images.   While listening sharply she discovers the true metaphors among the layers of conversation and artwork.


SunNikki Witt MA, ATR. Arts-based Psychotherapist and Registered Art Therapist

Nikki developed the art therapy program at Prairie Care partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient for children, adolescents and adults, in which she continues to work today. Nikki also provides outpatient private practice services through the Art of Counseling. She uses a blend of therapeutic approaches to guide and facilitate an individual’s journey towards mental wellness.

Collaborating Organizations

photo 3InVigorate Life Counseling, pllc is a clinic that Art of Counseling, pllc has a satellite office.  The office is on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul Minnesota.  “Invigorate Life Counseling, pllc is a group of collaborating therapists whose diverse expertise and shared passion for what we do create a positive and personal experience.”



photo 2Pathways Center Counseling, inc, provides ARMHS, MI/CD Day Treatment, Assessments, Individual Therapy and Group Therapy. “Pathways’ staff has the training, knowledge, and experience to work with people who are struggling in their journey.  Pathways’ programs focus on improving the mental health of individuals and families by helping them recognize and use their strengths and resources to achieve their personal goals and objectives.”