Creative Power – Alfred Adler

“This creative power is a striving power; this creative power can be seen in different views, in the power of evolution, in the power of life, in the power which accomplishes the goal of an ideal completion to overcome the difficulties of life.” – Alfred Adler

Creative Empowerment Group – Art Therapy, 2014

Creative Empowerment Group Adults with severe mental illness. by Heather Matson Tuesday’s @10:30am Location: Pathways Counseling Center 1919 University Ave, St Paul. Generate unique ways to build resilience, increase self-esteem, achieve personal goals for well being and add to your coping toolbox. By utilizing weekly group support and a visual journal you can help combat […]

About EMDR

About EMDR Re-blogged from EMDR-MN We all have a natural emotional healing process within us, just as we have a natural physical healing process. When we get a cut, our physical healing process heals it.  When emotionally upsetting things happen to us, we are usually able to get over them and go on with our […]

NAMI | Advance Directives

Advance Directives by Ronald S. Honberg National Director for Policy and Legal Affairs Jane, a 36-year-old woman suffering from schizoaffective disorder, is very frightened. In the past, her experiences in public psychiatric hospitals have been very traumatic. The last time she was hospitalized, the psychiatrist responsible for her treatment could hardly speak English. When she […]