creative coaching

Why Creative Coaching for Parent and Child?
In a recent Newsweek article creative ability was said to be declining in U.S. Schools

Art of Counseling works with all ages to build creative problem solving  skills through  numerous learning experiences and resources.
Seven Ways to Increase Creative Ability:
1.    Reduce Screen time
2.    Get Moving
3.    Follow a Passion
4.    take a break
5.    Explore other Cultures
6.    Close the suggestion box
7.    Don’t force it -Let it Flow
Key features of Creativity Coaching:

Children’s multiple symbolic expressions
•    Creativity coaching uses the arts as  symbolic language through which to express understandings of both the creative parent and the creative child
•    Consistent with Dr. Howard Gardner’s notion of schooling for multiple intelligences, Creativity Coaching calls for the integration of the graphic arts as tools for cognitive, linguistic, and social development.
•    Presentation of creative problem solving exercises in multiple forms such as print, art, construction, drama, music, puppetry, and shadow play. These are viewed as essential to children’s understanding of experience. 

A creativity portfolio is kept to document the process
•     Documenting and displaying the children’s project work, which is necessary for children to express, revisit, and construct to reconstruct their feelings, ideas and       understanding
•     Pictures of children engaged in experiences, their words as they discuss what they are doing, feeling and thinking, and the children’s interpretation of experience through the visual media are placed in the portfolio as a presentation of the dynamics of learning..

The role of the environment
•    Environments teach  and enhance creativity in children. Try-color Coaching helps create the best environment
•    The aesthetic beauty within the home and school is seen as an important part of respecting the child and their learning environment
•    An atmosphere of playfulness and joy is encouraged

Connie Gretsch