The Art of the Matter

The Art of the Matter

Kristin Kane interview with St. Paul Magazine October 2015.



To some, painting is a hobby. To others, it’s a form of healing. Kristin Kane, an art therapist at Invigorate Life Counseling, says there are many benefits to expressing oneself, whether through clay, paint or chalk.

“Art therapy encourages self expression,” Kane says. “The creative process can open up the unconscious mind and cleanse emotional pain.”

Kane works with people dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, stress and different forms of trauma. The results, she says, are noticeable.

“People gain self confidence and have a better outlook on life by feeling more in control,” Kane says. “Art therapy helps them express themselves non-verbally, then verbally by processing and talking about their work.”

Art therapy is open to people of all ages. Sessions are held in 30-, 45- or 60-minute increments.

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