family therapy

Family therapy helps families develop new family-wide communication and coping skills. Art along with family discussion helps children feel comfortable while the whole family works on improving the overall quality of family life. Family members will discover their roles in the family system, including strengths and weaker areas. When families communicate and balance the different needs of all members, children’s behaviors and symptoms improve. By realistically understanding each family member’s role, and learning to listen deeply to one another’s needs, families establish supportive strategies, set clear rules and discipline, and structure the family for success!

Child and Family Art Therapy Assessment
Art therapy assessment can quickly understand your child’s individual needs and issues within the family system. Regardless of a child’s art background or ability, art assessments determine the child’s social and emotional developmental level, their current range of coping skills, and any underlying issues or concerns that kids typically have difficulty communicating verbally. Parents receive feedback from these assessments with suggestions for next steps in family work.

Individual Child Art Therapy
The individual therapy services are unique, creative and innovative.  Child-friendly elements of creative art therapy, play therapy and verbal therapy with parent support and training are a part of the therapy sessions. There is a parent-child processing portion in every session, in which parents and child improve their communication, develop coping skills solve challenges together. In the individual or group sessions, that are just with children, the focus is on communication and exploring feelings, solve problems, learn and rehearse new coping skills.

Additional services to families:

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