Meet Our New Therapist

Meet our newest addition to Art of Counseling, Cindy! Cindy Tsay MEd, ATR. Arts-Based Psychotherapist Cindy Tsay Direct Line: (651)318-0109 Ext# 705 Fax: (651)344-0515 Cindy brings a genuine and empathetic relationship into her work with clients. Her arts-based approach to psychotherapy is based on the belief that creative non-verbal expressions can provide emotional relief and […]

creative coaching

Why Creative Coaching for Parent and Child?
In a recent Newsweek article creative ability was said to be declining in U.S. Schools

Art of Counseling works with all ages to build creative problem solving  skills through  numerous learning experiences and resources. Seven Ways to Increase Creative Ability: 1.    Reduce Screen time 2.    Get Moving 3.    Follow a Passion 4.    take a break […]

family therapy

Family therapy helps families develop new family-wide communication and coping skills. Art along with family discussion helps children feel comfortable while the whole family works on improving the overall quality of family life. Family members will discover their roles in the family system, including strengths and weaker areas. When families communicate and balance the different needs […]