Grief and loss of beloved pets

Losing a loved one is hard.  Many discount the intense connection one makes with their furry companions.  Animals have a special relationship with their humans.  Animal companions provide unconditional love, do not pass judgment and witness our lives through thick and thin.  Losing a special animal companion is like losing a member of the family.  They may have left your physical side but the love that you feel is real and will be forever in your heart.  Feel free to share your good memories and stories in honor of the love you share.

Personal art journaling task: Create an image of your favorite memory of a beloved companion animal that has passed.


Image above is of Ceri our family dog.  Our favorite memory of her was the endless cold winter nights that she would sit on top of the hill in the backyard, watching the woods for deer, coyotes and listening for the owls.  She would sit as if in a trance.  Then coming in for a snuggle hug to warm up just before bedtime.