When We Invited a Zombie for Dinner

When We Invited a Zombie for Dinner

by a 6 year old boy.


Mom and Dad asked my sister and I to invite our new neighbor over for dinner.

Hazel said, “He looks like a zombie.”

Dad said, “We should be nice to our neighbors. Now run along.”


So my sister Hazel, and me went over to say hi to the new neighbor.  He answered the door with a moan.

“Is everything ok?” asked Chet.

The man groaned, “ah-huh.”

“Would you like to come over for dinner?” asked Hazel.

The man groaned, “ah-huh.”

As we walked to our house the man slowly followed us.


 Bam-bam-BAM goes the door. Mom answers the door, “Welcome, come right in, I am sorry our doorbell must be broken.”

“Ah-huh,” groans the man.


The man walks past the table and sits on the floor next our dog.

Eva says, “Let me help you find our chair.”


Chet asks, “So what is your name?”

The man groans “huh.”

Chet asks, “I am sorry I noticed your name is on your shirt… Dickies.”

“Welcome to the neighborhood Dickies!” the whole family says.

“ARRRR!” says Dickies.


During dinner Dad talks about football until everybody looked asleep.

Splash! Dickies ear falls off and into his soup.

Dad said, “You should get that looked at Dickies,” then he continues to talk about football.


Mom breaks the ice with desert.  ICE CREAM!  Dickies picks his ice cream up with his hand and putts the whole thing in his face.

Mom said, “That’s a strange tradition.”

The whole family did the same thing with their ice cream.

“Burrr,” says Chet.


As Dickies leaves he walks through the door without using the doorknob.

“See it’s not so bad to get to know your neighbors,” says Mom.

So that is what happened when we invited a zombie for dinner. The end.