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Adolescent Art Therapy Group, Jan. 16th 4:30-6pm/2019

Starting Wednesday January 16th 2019 from 4:30-6pm.

Group Objectives:

Explore Self-Compassion ,Cultivate A Sense of Identity,  Gain Social Connection,  Discover Self-Expression, ALL THROUGH CREATIVE PROCESSES


Group Details

$250 for 10-week group
Insurance Accepted: Medicaid of MN, UCare, Hennepin Health Plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica

Location: 275 4th St East #301 St. Paul 55101 Facilitator: Carrie Windett, MA, LPC, ATR-P

To register please talk with your therapist or contact:


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Art Therapy

Flood Plain Art Making – ATR Supervision Workshop, 6/9/2018 9am-3pm

Art Therapy Supervision Workshop
Saturday, June 9th, 2018.  9am-3pm


Hidden Falls Regional Park, (Magoffin Ave Entrance by Picnic Shelter)
1313 Hidden Falls Dr.
Saint Paul, MN 55116


Experience self-discovery through individual and collaborative art making in nature with others seeking professional growth toward becoming registered art therapists.

Learn real world experiences and professional skills, around self-care, working within a symbiotic space, communication, creative problem solving, and nurturing your inner therapist-self.

Suggested things to bring:

+Personal items: water bottle, snacks, hand held garden sheers, garden gloves, sun screen, bug spray, hat, clothes that can get dirty (long sleeves and long pants), change of clothes, boots or shoes in case of mud, rain gear.

+Art Making items: journal, camera, natural material of choice for group material share, personal art making material (paint, fabric, thread, wire, etc).

Receive 6 hours of Art Therapy Supervision by a Heather Matson, LMFT, ATR-BC

Cost: $150  (includes lunch, when registering identify any food restrictions)

Please contact Heather by phone (651) 318-0109 x700 or Email with any questions or to register.

Mark your calendars for another 6 hours supervision workshop on 8/18 location and theme yet to be discovered.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy Professionals Consult Group, 4th Friday of the month, 9:30am-11:30am.

Art Therapy Professional Consulting Group.  (must hold the following Credentials: ATR, ATR-BC, ATCS)

Starting February 23rd, 9:30am-11:30am.  Meeting regularly 4th Friday of the month.

275 4th St East #301, St Paul, MN 55106

Contact Kristin Kane to let her know your coming or for any questions.

Art Therapy, Psychotherapy Groups

“Eating In The Light of The Moon” Women’s Art Therapy Group – Jan. 16th/2019

Starting January 16th 2019, 2-3:30pm

Group Description

  • Exploration of themes within the book through

creative art processes.


Group Details

eating by the light of the moon
Also available as an audiobook

$500 for 20-week group

Insurance Accepted

Medicaid of MN


Metropolitan Health Plan

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Bring Personal Copy   OR

Buy from Art of Counseling ($20)


More information and to place your name on the list of interested attendees Contact Carrie Windett.

651-318-0109 ex 706

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Art Therapy, EMDR, Trauma- Informed

Bilateral Drawing: Self-Regulation for Trauma Reparation Let’s draw on the power of both hands to modulate stress.

Posted Sep 29, 2015 by  Cathy Malchiodi PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, REAT

In working with survivors of acute and repeated traumatic events over the last several decades, I am always particularly conscious of individuals’ self-regulating capacities initially and throughout our work together. Self-regulation is currently a ubiquitous term used to describe not only the capacity to control one’s impulses, but also to be able to soothe and calm the body’s reactions to stress. It is the ability to modulate affective, sensory and somatic responses that impact all functioning including emotions and cognition. It also refers to the brain’s executive function to control impulses, delay actions if necessary and initiate them if necessary, even if one does not want to.

By the simplest definition, bilateral simply means “involving two sides.” Sensory integration is often associated with bilateral techniques that assist individuals in organizing specific sensations via methods found in occupational therapy. In the process of reparation from psychological trauma, various forms of bilateral stimulation or movement seem to be effective in engaging cross-hemisphere activity in the brain (Shapiro, 2001) and in art therapy possibly because it reconnects “thinking” and “feeling” (Malchiodi, 2003/2011) via the sensory-based processes involved in art making. These applications seem to have an impact on recovery from traumatic events because for many individuals, the limbic system and right hemisphere of the brain are hyperactivated by actual experiences or memories of trauma. In brief, specific processes found in bilateral stimulation may help regulate body and mind thus allowing explicit memory to be reconnected with implicit memory.

Bilateral Scribble Drawing from collection of Cathy Malchiodi
Source: Bilateral Scribble Drawing from collection of Cathy Malchiodi

Bilateral drawing is a deceptively simple art-based activity that has been around since at least the 1950s that capitalizes on self-regulating properties similar to rocking, walking, cycling or drumming. Some art therapy practitioners refer to bilateral drawing as “scribbling with both hands” because the intent is not necessarily to make a specific image, but to instead just engage both hands in spontaneous drawing with chalks, pastels or other easily manipulated art materials. Like many art and expressive arts therapists, I have used this activity for several decades and actually learned it during college art courses as a way of “loosening up” before beginning to draw or paint. Florence Cane (1951) is one of many early art therapy practitioners who observed a connection between free-form gestural drawing on paper, the kinesthetic sense involved in movement, and the embodied qualities of the experience. In her work with children and adults in the mid-20th century, Cane hypothesized that it is important to engage individuals through movements that go beyond the use of the hands to engage the whole body in natural rhythms. In particular, she refers to large swinging gestures that come from the shoulder, elbow or wrist to not only liberate creative expression, but also act in a restorative capacity to support healthy rhythms in the body and mind. In other words, these rhythmic movements can be practiced in the air and then later transferring them to paper with drawing materials.

To read more 

Reframe Brain Kane

Image: “Mindscape” Kristin Kane, MA, LMFT, ATR   from Visual Art Journal 2016

Community Workshops, Mindfulness

Adolescent Art and Nature Workshops. Summer 2017

Adolescent Workshops: An integration of nature, art and mindfulness in a group setting.Untitled 2Contact:
Hannah Kleese 507-649-0873

This afternoon workshop will combine the elements of art, nature and mindfulness in the context of unique themes.

Each participant should bring a bag/backpack with a full water bottle, snack, sunscreen and bug spray. Participants should dress in shoes for walking and weather appropriate clothing. Art supplies will be provided by nature and Art of Counseling.


$40/ 1 workshop $90/ all 3 workshops

Ages 12-17

6/17 1-4pm
THEME: family totems

7/15 1-4pm
THEME: storytelling

8/19 1-4pm
THEME: mandalas


Register HERE

Art Therapy

Supervision Focused Process Painting, May 05, 2017 5pm-9pm

Come express, process, gain support, encouragement and empowerment in your work as an Art Therapist through your painting process.  You will receive 4 hours of supervision credit.

Using multi-media, participants will create on one surface throughout the class.  Supported by writing prompts and instructor guidance, students will discover how this surface reflects their journey as a healer and helper and their internal wisdom.  Themes such as mindfulness, acceptance, trust-in-self, working as a therapist as journey rather than a destination will be woven throughout the painting process.  Students will leave the day with numerous ways to begin and to find deeper connection to their work with clients.

An environment void of pressure can free mental and emotional blocks and unleash strengths, personality, intuition and creativity.  All experience levels are welcomed and can benefit from this workshop.  This class is specifically for post grad Art therapists needing ATR credit.


Facilitator: Bevie LaBrie  Artful Soulscapes 

May 05, 2017 5pm-9pmIMG_3980

$70.00 ($73.44 w/service fee)

Northwestern Building

275 4th St East, #301, St Paul, MN 55101

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Art Therapy

President Obama Declares October as National Arts and Humanities Month

October 6, 2016
The American Art Therapy Association and our friends at Americans for the Arts are celebrating October as National Arts and Humanities Month! President Obama has already kicked things off by issuing an official White House Proclamation that articulates the importance of the arts and culture in our history and in our future. He states, “In many ways, the arts and humanities reflect our national soul. They are central to who we are as Americans—as dreamers and storytellers, creators and visionaries. By investing in the arts, we can chart a course for the future in which the threads of our common humanity are bound together with creative empathy and openness.”

Get Involved

  • This year, the #ShowYourArt campaign has been designed to engage arts advocates on local, state, and national levels, and to bring awareness of National Arts and Humanities Month to the public. For each day in October, the #ShowYourArt campaign will be issuing a unique theme that challenges participants to showcase how art is reflected in those themes every day. See p. 2 of this article for daily themes.
  • Participate in the National Creative Conversation on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016 from 9-10 p.m. ET to connect and chat with arts advocates nationwide about the arts in communities. The conversation will focus on the question of “Where are the arts popping up in your community?”
  • Using these resources, organize and host a community event at a local arts venue.
  • Boost your creativity by joining in the Creative Sprint, a global art game that engages individuals, businesses, schools, and community organizations for 30 consecutive days of art making and sharing.

Art therapists are uniquely positioned to speak on the role of the creative arts in mental health, a topic of great importance for individuals, communities, organizations, and legislation. Join us in promoting National Arts and Humanities month and raising awareness for the importance of the arts!


Art Therapy, Community Workshops, Family Therapy, Mindfulness


Flyer Download

Weekend in December
12/02/16 7PM-9PM
12/03/16 9AM-11AM, 1PM-3PM08_EM_CatStory01222013
12/04/16 9AM-11AM

Come experience a creative & therapeutic
weekend at Art of Counseling with your family!

Group Themes:
+ Challenging Transition
+ Emotional Closeness
+ Family Balance
+ Resiliency & Strength

Retreat Cost:
+ 4–2 hour sessions
+ $25 / family member / session
+ Total cost: $ 100/ family member
Scholarship Available & In net-work Insurance Accepted
To register, e-mail
by 11/14/2016!

Art Therapy, Community Workshops, Family Therapy


Flyer Download

Starting on November 7th
Monday Nights: 7-8:30

To gain understanding of your family dynamics.
Discover ways you can know your family
members on a deeper level and be known2_sawyer_story_03012013
in your family system.

Group Themes:
+ Family Constellation
+ Family Roles
+ Communication Styles
+ Relationship Building

+ 4 weekly 1.5 sessions
+ $25 / family member / session
+ Total cost: $ 100 / family member
Scholarship Available & In net-work Insurance Accepted
To register, e-mail
by 10/17/2016!