Grief and loss of beloved pets

Losing a loved one is hard.  Many discount the intense connection one makes with their furry companions.  Animals have a special relationship with their humans.  Animal companions provide unconditional love, do not pass judgment and witness our lives through thick and thin.  Losing a special animal companion is like losing a member of the family.  […]

Both Picture and Artist

Both Picture and Artist. Are we a product of our environment? Or is our environment a product of our perceptions?  Sure when we are born into this world we are at the mercy of the environment and people in our lives.  Naturally we began by depending on others for shelter, nourishment and love. However, we […]

How can art transform maladaptive behavior?

What defines adaptive vs maladaptive behavior? Taking this image of nature’s answer in response to environmental intrusion… What does adaption look like? What does maladaption look like? And one step more… How does art as a therapeutic tool transform behavior so that it is more useful? Let’s process together in this community.

what is art therapy?

Definition: Art therapy is an established mental health profession that uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages. It is based on the belief that the creative process involved in artistic self-expression helps people to resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal […]

creative coaching

Why Creative Coaching for Parent and Child?
In a recent Newsweek article creative ability was said to be declining in U.S. Schools

Art of Counseling works with all ages to build creative problem solving  skills through  numerous learning experiences and resources. Seven Ways to Increase Creative Ability: 1.    Reduce Screen time 2.    Get Moving 3.    Follow a Passion 4.    take a break […]

school art therapy

When a student is distracted by emotional issues, learning disabilities, speech or language disorders, behavioral disorders or illness, even a well-trained, experienced teacher may be unable to get beyond these barriers to a student’s learning. As one professional on a student services team, the school art therapist is not only trained to recognize these barriers, but […]

family therapy

Family therapy helps families develop new family-wide communication and coping skills. Art along with family discussion helps children feel comfortable while the whole family works on improving the overall quality of family life. Family members will discover their roles in the family system, including strengths and weaker areas. When families communicate and balance the different needs […]

art therapy, addiction and recovery

The power of art therapy in the treatment of addiction lies in its capacity to allow people to express emotions without using words. For many people in recovery from chemical addiction, significant blocks prevent the intellectualization and verbalization of painful thoughts or feelings. Art therapy, therefore, offers an outlet for these blocked thoughts and feelings that might otherwise remain […]